New Team Member : David Serfass

The ENP-China project is pleased to announce the inclusion of a new member, David Serfass, associate professor in Chinese and East Asian history at Inalco (Paris) and a member of IFRAE (French Research Institute for Eastern Asia).

David specializes in the history of the state in Republican China and to its relations with the Japanese empire, especially during the second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).   He produced the first extensive study of collaborationist regimes in wartime China, with a focus on political institutions and actors. His dissertation — Le gouvernement collaborateur de Wang Jingwei. Aspects de l’État d’occupation durant la guerre sino-japonaise 1940-1945 —includes a preliminary attempt to build a biographical dictionary of the figures involved, at various levels, in the collaborationist administration.

Serfass already published several articles on occupied China in Vingtième Siècle, La Revue historique and Études chinoises. He is currently revising his dissertation into a book manuscript. David is also a member of the editorial board of Études chinoises, as co-editor of the book reviews section.

David’s contribution to the ENP-China Project will focus on an online biographical dictionary of Chinese collaborators and Japanese agents during wartime.

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