New team member: Marilyn Levine

The ENP-China project is extremely proud and privileged to count Prof. Marilyn Levine, Central Washington University, as a member of the team. Prof. Levine brings unmatched experience in both historical research on modern China and extensive practice with digital methods. She was trained as a historian of Asia, with graduate degrees from the University of Chicago in modern Chinese History and the University of Hawaii in Vietnamese History. She has published two books, over four dozen articles, and created a dozen Web sites for research, teaching, professional, and community service. Dr. Levine’s research interests have focused on Chinese political party formation in Europe during the 1920’s and exploring new approaches to the field of life history. She published The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe during the Twenties (University of Washington Press, 1993), and with Chen San-ching, The Chinese Guomindang in Europe: A Sourcebook of Documents (Institute for East Asian Studies, Center for Chinese Studies Monograph, 2000). She has delivered over 175 presentations, workshops and public speeches, and organized two international conferences. Levine has pioneered with her online Chinese Biographical Database (CBD) project [1998-2006], the first online, scholarly moderated database on the Worldwide Web. In 2018 the CBD has been revised, and several datasets have been used in national and international presentations. She is also pursuing another research endeavor with the Chinese Conversations Project, based on interviews conducted in 1985 and 1990 in China with several Chinese who went to France in the 1920’s, as well as numerous scholars of the Chinese Communist Party. The ENP-China team looks forward to intense scholarly interaction with Dr. Levine whose past and current projects intersects closely with the challenge of studying elites in modern China.

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