ENP-China Webinar: Thomas Larkin

Thomas Larkin, post-graduate researcher (Bristol University, Hong Kong History project) will hold a webinar on “Creating and Maintaining Transnational Networks in Nineteenth-Century Hong Kong” in the ENP-China Webinar series on  22 September 2020 9h00-11h00).

Thomas Larkin’s research focuses on Anglo-American relations in nineteenth-century China, and how the competition and cohesion between these two communities influenced Hong Kong’s social and cultural development.

Link to the webinar

Password: 489635

Forewarning: we set up this webinar as a “Zoom meeting”, not a “Zoom webinar” as a trial experiment to allow the speaker to see his audience. When joining the webinar, please make sure to mute you mike. Open it only during the Q&A period.



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2 Responses

  1. Changxue Shu says:

    hello, is this webinar public? if so, how to access ?

    • Christian Henriot says:


      Yes, it is open to the public. The link is now published in the blog post about the webinar.

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