ENP-China’s peregrinations (from an undisclosed location)

Following the forced eviction from our offices at the Research Building (Maison de la Recherche), we spent a short week in the premises of a friendly research lab that made available to us an open space. On Monday morning, we set up our computers (unfortunately a monitor was fatally damaged during the migration) and resumed our activities in good spirits. Moving around like this is highly disturbing to keep a proper degree of concentration and ensure the continuity of our experiments. But at least, we could be together, resume our experiments, engage in discussions, and also talk to our partners in Hong Kong.

This is a short photo reportage of snapshots taken on the fly.

The show must go on! Cécile and Nora are working on an R-shiny visualization of the Crow newspapers directories.

Cécile (postodoc, history) & Nora in full discussion

The R-shiny visualization will offer a multiplicity of ways to explore the rich data on the press in modern China. Sorry folks… this is just a very tiny preview of what’s underway!

A preview of the R-shiny visualization

The AC went down right when we moved in. Nothing to do with us of course, but under the mighty sun of Aix en Provence, the open space under the roof could become quite hot in the afternoon. Fortunately, we had access to a nice (connected) garden where, sometimes, we took our quarters for a chat or even to write.

And at the end of this busy week, we were on the move again. This time, we were better prepared to reinforce the protection around our computing equipment. See you soon in our next premises!

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