Bravo Dr. Blouin!

On December 13, the whole ENP-China team was present on the Saint-Charles Campus in Marseille to attend the viva of Baptiste Blouin’s Ph.D. dissertation on “Event extraction from facsimiles of ancient documents for History studies”.

The dissertation committee included:

– Maud EHRMANN (DHLA­B, École Polytechniq­ue Fédérale de Lausa­nne) : Reviewer
– Jean-Yves ANTOINE (LIFAT, Université de Tours) : Reviewer
– Béatrice DAILLE (L­S2N, Université de Nantes) : Examinator
– Sahar GHANNAY (LIS­N, Université Paris-­Saclay) : Examinator
– Richard DUFOUR (LS­2N, Université de Na­ntes) : Chairperson
– Benoit FAVRE (LIS, Aix-Marseille Unive­rsité) : Dissertation advisor

Committee and public

In computing sciences, the candidate is allowed ample time to present his work. Baptiste provided a clear, precise and well-organized review of his work and findings for 45 minutes. This was followed by questions by the five members of the committee.

At the end of the exchange with the committee and after a short deliberation, Baptiste was granted the title and degree of doctor in computing sciences. Congratulations!

Deliberation time

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