Access (team)

This page provides the access links to the various platforms used by the members of the ENP-China research team. Access requires authentication with individual codes.

Calendar: the calendar of project activities has been created under Google calendar. Each member has received an individual invitation and can consult and edit the calendar from a Gmail account.

Sharedocs: this repository is provided by the Huma-Num infrastructure (CNRS). The ERC-ENP-China folder serves as a permanent repository of the documents the members of the team share in the course of research, in particular source documents, work documents, readings, etc. This is not the permanent document repository of the source documents that will eventually find their way onto the Freizo infrastructure that operates under Huma-Num within a larger consortium that relies on CERN’s Invenio 3 and a federated network of long-terms repositories.

Dropbox: the ENP-China folder on Dropbox is meant to be used for “exchange on the fly”, when members need to make a document available to the team or members thereof. Periodic deletion will be made so as to leave space available for the continuing exchange of documents. Once an operation is over, the initiator of the document shall simply delete the document or transfer it onto Sharedocs when relevant.

Zotero: all the bibliographic references of the project will be managed and stored through the Zotero ENP-China library, including  source materials, readings, team publications, etc. For keyword tagging, please refer to the Guidelines (private) page on this blog.