Seminars will be held on both a regular and ad hoc schedule. The core project seminar will take place each month (schedule to be announced), while more specific seminars (doctoral seminar, reading seminar, hands-on seminar, etc.) will be established as the need arises.

ENP-China Conference. 28 November 2019  (14h-16h) Barbara Mittler. Heidelberg University. “Déjà  Vu? Photography as Metaphor— Repurposing Archival Photographs of Mao“. Maison de la Recherche 3.43.

ENP-China Conference. 24 October 2019  (14h-16h) David Serfass. INALCO. “Acteurs et réseaux en Chine occupée : pour une nouvelle approche biographique de la collaboration (1937-1945)” Maison de la Recherche 3.43.

ENP-China Conference. 11 April 2019  (14h-16h) Lin Yi-tang. University of Geneva. “Agents of Knowledge-transfer? A preliminary sketch of the Chinese Rockefeller fellows, 1910s-1950s” Maison de la Recherche 3.43.

Irasia-DEA Conference. 22 March 2019 (14h-16h).  Roberta Zavoretti. University of Cologne. “Rural origins, City lives. Making class and place in contemporary China“. Maison de la Recherche 3.43

ENP-China Conference. 14 March 2019. Henrike Rudolph. University of Erlangen. “Layers and Lacunae: Reconstructing Chinese Social Networks in Transition, 1940s-1950s“. Maison de la Recherche 3.43 (14h-16h)

Team Meeting: The next Team meeting is scheduled on 6 November 2018 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (France time). Proper dispositions will be made for videoconferencing with the members located overseas. A preliminary program will be issued beforehand.