Workshop 7-9 October 2019

Workshop: The formation and transformation of elites in modern China

Monday 7 Oct 9h00-12h00

  • Huei Ming SUN
    • Redefining the Elites: Chinese Who’s Who Publications in the 1930s Shanghai
  • Brett SHEEHAN
    • Middling Elites: Middle Managers at the Shanghai Bank of China on the Eve of the Communist Revolution
  • Henrike RUDOLF
    • Structures of Empowerment:A Network Exploration of theCollective Biographies of Women Activists in Twentieth-Century China

Monday 7 Oct 14h00-17h00

  • James LEE
    • Mutable Inequalities: Meritocracy and the Making of the Chinese Academe,1912-1952, A Data Analytic Approach
  • Marilyn LEVINE
    • Evolutionary Roads:An IntegrativeAnalysisUtilizing the Chinese Biographical Database
  • Yi Tang LIN
    • Scientists at the Service of the States: Chinese Rockefeller Fellows in Chemistry andBiology and their Career Trajectories from 1949 to 1966

Monday 8 Oct 9h00-12h00

  • Peter HAMILTON
    • The American-Returned Students:New Forms of Business and Eliteness in Republican China
  • Alan BAUMLER
    • Aviation and elite culture in transnational China 1909-1955

Monday 8 Oct 14h00-17h00

  • Cameron CAMPBELL
    • Family Background andCareer Outcomesfor Exam Degree Holdersinthe Qing (1644-1911)Civil Service
  • Ling Ling LIEN
    • Service to the Empire and to the Community: The British Women’s Association inShanghai, 1921-1941

Wednesday 9 Oct 9h00-12h00

  • Open discussion
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