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ENP-China in China

Lu Yijun, a doctoral candidate at Shanghai Normal University, just published a nice presentation of the ENP-China project in China. His paper is based on his experience as a doctoral intern in the project...


ENP-Corpus Creator: From PDFs to Data

Introduction In the digital age, the field of history is undergoing a transformative shift, with an increasing reliance on digital archives and tools to conduct research and analysis. Recognizing the unique needs of historians...


Keynote speech @ Digital China

The Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen is organizing a symposium « Being digital in China » on 25-26 September 2023. Christian HENRIOT will deliver a keynote speech entitled « From Archives to Algorithms: A...


Beyond Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities, an expression initially coined as a book title in 2006, has evolved into a multidimensional field with broad appeal but with little epistemological foundation. In ‘Beyond Digital Humanities: Thinking Computationally. A...


Beyond Digital Humanities:

How computational methods are reshaping scholarly research Presentation On 4 September, the ENP-China project (IrAsia Research Institute) is organizing a one-day international workshop to address, question, and challenge the “Digital Humanities” movement. After almost...

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