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A Review of Biographical Databases

Last week (27-28 May), we organized a two-day Expert meeting on biographical databases. Instead of a linear account of this meeting, what we propose here is a critical review of existing biographical databases (DB)....


Biographical Databases: Expert Meeting

On 27-28 May 2019, the ENP-China ERC project will be holding its first Expert meeting at the Maison de la Recherche in Aix-en-Provence.  Because we are in the process of developing a biographical database...

Dataviz: the Bridge between NLP and History ? 0

Dataviz: the Bridge between NLP and History ?

Dataviz Workshop What a couple of days !It has been a real pleasure to welcome and get to know Benjamin Bach from Edinburgh University. A two-day workshop with participants from quite different disciplines (from...


Data Visualization: A Quick Look Back

Research calls for experiments, exploration, exchange. By bringing together a wide range of people with different interests, various disciplinary backgrounds, and for most, near complete inexperience with data visualization, the workshop on data visualization...


Dataviz Workshop: Program Outline

Thursday 14 February 2019 13h45: Introductive conference by Benjamin Bach (University of Edinburgh)• Presentation◦ Edinburgh lab ◦ Research mission▪ Exploration / Explanation▪ Multi-modal▪ Analytics
◦ Selected Projects▪ Time curves▪ Vistorian▪ Data comics
 • Workshop outline...


Data Visualization Workshop

Data visualization is a powerful part of data science. Yet these terms should not scare you away. Data visualization allows you to not only see hidden patterns in your data, but also communicate the...


ENP-China’s logo

The ENP-China project has adopted its official logo to provide a clear and neat visual of the nature and vision of the project. The full version is: Where does it come from? Who designed...


ADHO Digital Humanities Conference – DH2019

DH2019 Call for Papers* ADHO Digital Humanities Conference  –  DH2019 The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) invites submission of proposals for its annual conference, to be hosted by Utrecht University (The Netherlands), 9-12...