1 + 2 + 0.5= 3.5!

Day 24 of the project. Thanks to the efficient support of Natacha Mauric and Jean-Louis Cruvellier at the Maison de la Recherche, we have been able to move into two new offices and have access to a shared office just as the equipment was beginning to stream in.

There is now a small office for the P.I. cum meeting room for the day-to-day business and discussions. We have been holding our first group meetings between historian, computer scientist and computational linguist to kick off the first exploration of documents and initiate a fruitful conversation. The source analyst is actively negotiating with the Chinese companies that produce on line newspapers for access to their text files. A meeting is scheduled with the main U.S. company that offers English-language Chinese historical newspapers with the same purpose.

It was high time to move in, two days away from a presentation of the project at the general meeting of the Institute of Asian Studies (IrAsia) on 28 September and five days away from our inaugural meeting on 3-4 October.

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