ENP-China’s logo

The ENP-China project has adopted its official logo to provide a clear and neat visual of the nature and vision of the project. The full version is:

Where does it come from? Who designed it?

Once in a while, one comes across unusually talented people. People with creativity, curiosity, engagement. Thomas Arciszewski is by profession a scholar in psychology (with a keen interest in issues of radicalization, terrorism, heavy stuff..). But in a parallel life, he is also a digital geek, a web designer, a graphist, an avid comics reader, and more.

When we talked about creating a logo for the ENP-China project I could see his mind churning right away. And a little while later, the logo was born! It truly embodies the essence of the project in a most immediate and sensitive way. Its neat and graceful aesthetics  makes it visually effective and striking, and easy to remember. A subtle combination.

Without going into too much semiology, let’s offer a reading. The logo conveys at first sight a “sense of China”. It looks very much like a traditional Chinese red seal with a character emblazoned therein. But a closer look revels dots and lines — historical actors and networks of the project — very much like a computer chip (another network): digital technologies and data flows lie at the heart of the project.

The full version articulates the core logo with the  project’s title — a condensed version — in elegant elongated letters, with a discrete red dot, as if a calligrapher had just put a final touch with his/her brush.

ENP-China Logo

Thanks Thomas for this amazing design!

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