Data Visualization Workshop

Data visualization is a powerful part of data science. Yet these terms should not scare you away. Data visualization allows you to not only see hidden patterns in your data, but also communicate the results more clearly and efficiently.
Anyone interested in dataviz is welcome to join this workshop on data visualization techniques.  The goal of the workshop is to sensitize academics to the importance of effective visual communication of scientific results. The workshop will provide guidelines for data visualization based on theoretical advances on data visualization and good practices, and introduces a number of traditional and recent visualization techniques which can be applied to various scientific domains. The practical section will also provides an overview of some tools for data visualization with various levels of complexity and learning curve. It is open to all the disciplines.
It will be a great opportunity to meet Benjamin Bach (University of Edinburgh), a leading data science and data visualization scholar  with a sound record of innovative tools and platforms.  It will also be an opportunity to  exchange with all the other participants about their experiences and concerns about data. We also encourage you to come with your own set of data (in due time, participants will receive a message on formatting).
There is a limit of 12 persons for this workshop to respond to every participant in the best possible way. If you are interested, just send an email to register to  Julie Chiang (ERC project coordinator).   We shall invite the participants on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Expect to be broadly introduced to:
  • Creating, selecting and executing appropriate & effective visualizations
  • How to use dataviz as a new lens for communication of ideas and stories

  • The many new methods and approaches for visualizing data
  • How to combine design-thinking and statistical rigor without compromising either
Where and When
The workshop will take place on 14-15 February at the Maison de la Recherche (Schuman campus – Aix en Provence)
14 February 2019
13h45: Introductive conference by Benjamin Bach (University of Edinburgh)
15h00: Break
15h15: Hands-on workshop
15 February 2019
9h00: Hands-on workshop
10h30: Break
11h45: Hands-on workshop
12h15: Lunch
13h30 Hands-on workshop
15h30 Wrap upData Visualization Workshop

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2 Responses

  1. Pouchoulin Gilles says:

    Est-ce que l’anglais est requis à cet atelier ?

    • Christian Henriot says:

      L’intervenant est bilingue, mais travaille professionnellement avec l’anglais. L’anglais sera donc une composante de son intervention.

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