New team member: Jiang Jie

The ENP-China project is privileged to welcome Dr. Jiang Jie from Shanghai Normal University. Dr. Jiang has been in France for just one month, but he will remain affiliated with us during his one-year stay as a visiting scholar.

Prof. Jiang Jie 蔣杰博士

Dr. Jiang is currently associate professor at the School of Humanities of Shanghai Normal University. Previously, he attended East China Normal University as a graduate student in history, all the while studying French. He was admitted in the Ph. D. program at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon where he completed his dissertation on crime in Republican Shanghai in 2016. Dr. Jiang has acquired an excellent command of GIS in history, as well as database design.

Dr. Jiang’s fields of research field are social history, urban history and the methodologies of digital history. His work focuses on the city of Shanghai. His is the co-editor of the journal Studies of the History of French Concession in Shanghai 《上海法租界史研究》(in Chinese, 2016, 2017 and 2019), and executive-editor of  the journal Studies of the Anti-Japanese War in Shanghai《上海抗战研究》(in Chinese, 2019).

The ENP-China project will benefit from Dr. Jiang’s extensive knowledge of the historical field in China and considerable experience with Chinese sources.

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