Two Journals of Chinese Digital History Research

In the past decade, with the spread of concepts and methods related to digital humanities and digital history in China, and the continuous deepening of the historical data digitization movement, more and more Chinese universities and research institutions have begun to engage in the research and teaching of digital history. Some universities have started to hold seminars on digital history and regularly organized learning camps. Based on these academic activities, new journals about digital history are beginning to appear, among which Research of Cliometrics(《量化历史研究》) and Big Data and the study of Chinese History(《大数据与中国历史研究》) are two of the more important publications.


Research of Cliometrics is an earlier digital history research publication published in China. Its first volume was published in 2014 and has published 5 volumes so far. This publication is led by three professors: Chen Zhiwu (陈志武), Long Denggao (龙登高), and Ma Debin(马德斌), respectively from Yale University, Tsinghua University, and the London School of Economics. Big Data and the study of Chinese History  first appeared in 2017 and has  published  2 volumes. The two editors are Fu Haiyan (付海晏)and Xu Jian (徐剑). Both journals are based on regular academic conferences and workshops. The former mainly relies on “Quantitative history workshops” while the latter includes articles mainly from the lecture series——”Big Data and Chinese History” ——jointly organized by Central China Normal University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Both publications are devoted to introducing quantitative and big data methods into historical research, so they not only focus on big issues such as theory and framework but also include many small case studies. At present, many researchers in this field in China and abroad have published articles in the two journals, so that it has also become important channel for understanding the study of digital history in China.


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