Introducing the Modern China Biographical Database

Join us for a presentation of the Introducing the Modern China Biographical Database on Tuesday 29 June (3-4 pm Paris time). This is a free online event. Please register with the link above.

Speaker: Christian Henriot, ENP-China Project, IrAsia, Aix-Marseille University

MCBD is a freely accessible relational database that aims at recording all the historical actors active in China in the Late Qing and Republican periods (1830–1949), regardless of their origin, nationality and the duration of their presence in China. It has been developed by the ERC-funded “Elites, Networks, and Power in Modern Urban China” (ENP-China) project to serve a much broader purpose. Based on the Heurist web database system. MCBD constitutes a core initiative to establish a long-term free resource for historical research in the China field.

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