Success in the NSTC “Dragon Gate” Program (Taiwan)

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) is the government agency dedicated to promoting scientific and technological development in Taiwan. Since 2010, the NSTC has been running a program to encourage Taiwanese research teams to participate actively in the advanced research work done outside Taiwan (補助任務導向型團隊赴國外研習). Officially called “Partnership program for the Connection to the top labs in the world”, the program is know as the Dragon Gate program (龍門計畫).

In recent years, the program has come to include the humanities and social sciences. In February 2023, Lien Ling-ling 連玲玲 (Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica) and Hu Chi-jui  胡其瑞 (National Chengchih University) and Christian Henriot (IrAsia, Aix-Marseille University) jointly submitte a proposal for a 12-month collaborative project entitled “Crafting a Research Platform for Modern Women’s Biographies (近代女性傳記研究平台).”

We are happy to report that the NSTC has selected our project. We received the official notification on 19 July 2023. With the generous funding obtained under the Dragon Gate program, we will be able to fund research activities, but above all, two Ph.D. students, Hsu Wei-an (許維安), and Huang Ching Chieh (黃健傑) will join the ENP-China project for a whole year. They will arrive on 1 October and 1 November respectively. Moreover, the co-P.I.s will each come for about six to eight weeks in the course of the project. This represents a formidable support to scholars engaged in computational methodologies for historical research on China.

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