Keynote speech @ Digital China

The Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen is organizing a symposium « Being digital in China » on 25-26 September 2023.

Christian HENRIOT will deliver a keynote speech entitled « From Archives to Algorithms: A Historian’s Approach to China’s Digital Transformation ».


In this presentation, I invite you on a journey at the captivating intersection of history, technology, and sources. Drawing from my own scholarly path through successive methodological turns, I will illuminate the pivotal moments and technological milestones that have influenced my intellectual quest. Central to this exploration is the remarkable impact of computational methodologies on historical research, especially in the context of China. We find ourselves in a world increasingly shaped by digital forces, which will undeniably shape how we access, interpret, and preserve the past for future generations. With a forward-looking perspective, I will engage in speculation about the future of digital scholarship and historical research. I will emphasize the crucial role of interdisciplinary collaborations in these endeavors, pointing towards the emergence of innovative approaches that combine historical expertise with cutting-edge technologies. China’s history is interwoven with its digital transformation, yet scholars now encounter new challenges in maintaining the momentum of collaborative endeavors and continuing the dialogue on what it means to be digital in China’s ever-evolving landscape.

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