Author: Cécile Armand


Are you a Digital vs. Traditional Scholar?

This short essay has been inspired by my growing dissatisfaction with, if not irritation towards the commonplace dichotomy “traditional vs. digital” history, and my recent reading of Eun Seo Jo’s  groundbreaking Ph.D thesis proposing...


Crow’s Newspaper Directories of China

In 1931, Carl Crow published the first Newspaper Directory of China1. It was the first of a series of four successive editions of what was to become a reference book in professional circles. The...



Last week Tuesday February 11, 2020, we were invited to present our current research in the workshop “Networks in East Asia: Methods and Case Studies” at the University of Bristol. It was an opportunity...


X-Boorman (II): The Boorman Factory

This post aims at opening the Biographical Dictionary of Republican China (BDRC)’s factory – presenting its initial purpose, its editorial staff, the method for selecting biographies, contributors and sources, its implied biases, practical issues...


X-Boorman (I): a digital revival

This is the first instalment of the “X-Boorman” series through which we plan to take the reader to a new experience and exploration of the Biographical Dictionary of Republican China (BDRC). The series is...


A Review of Biographical Databases

Last week (27-28 May), we organized a two-day Expert meeting on biographical databases. Instead of a linear account of this meeting, what we propose here is a critical review of existing biographical databases (DB)....

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