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Welcome to Prof. Marc Matten

The ENP-China team is very pleased to announce the arrival of Professor Marc Matten (Erlangen University). Prof. Matten has elected to join the ENP-China team during his half-year sabbatical leave (1 September 2020-31 March...


ENP-China Webinar: Thomas Larkin

Thomas Larkin, post-graduate researcher (Bristol University, Hong Kong History project) will hold a webinar on “Creating and Maintaining Transnational Networks in Nineteenth-Century Hong Kong” in the ENP-China Webinar series on  22 September 2020 9h00-11h00)....


New team member: Marilyn Levine

The ENP-China project is extremely proud and privileged to count Prof. Marilyn Levine, Central Washington University, as a member of the team. Prof. Levine brings unmatched experience in both historical research on modern China...


China Dissertations in France (6). Sociology

The present blog post has benefited from the insights and inputs of Prof. Isabelle Thireau, senior research fellow, CNRS. The author bears sole responsibility for the views expressed in the text that follows. The...


ENP-China Webinar

The ENP-China project initiates a series of webinars based on the research output of its members. These sessions aim at presenting work in progress and discussing the challenges of doing historical research with the...


China Dissertations in France (5). History

With the present blog post, I begin a review of dissertations on China by discipline.  I do not intend to cover each and every discipline, first because some of them represent too small a...


Two Journals of Chinese Digital History Research

In the past decade, with the spread of concepts and methods related to digital humanities and digital history in China, and the continuous deepening of the historical data digitization movement, more and more Chinese...


My Article on a Chinese Pirate Queen

Huang Bamei and Faina Chiang Fang-liang. Source: Academia Historica, 005-030203-00006, “Jiang Fang-liang zhaopian ziliao jiji” (1949, 4) A few weeks ago, I published an article on the life of Huang Bamei 黃八妹 (1906–1982)— a...

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