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ENP-Corpus Creator: From PDFs to Data

Introduction In the digital age, the field of history is undergoing a transformative shift, with an increasing reliance on digital archives and tools to conduct research and analysis. Recognizing the unique needs of historians...


Keynote speech @ Digital China

The Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen is organizing a symposium « Being digital in China » on 25-26 September 2023. Christian HENRIOT will deliver a keynote speech entitled « From Archives to Algorithms: A...


Beyond Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities, an expression initially coined as a book title in 2006, has evolved into a multidimensional field with broad appeal but with little epistemological foundation. In ‘Beyond Digital Humanities: Thinking Computationally. A...


Beyond Digital Humanities:

How computational methods are reshaping scholarly research Presentation On 4 September, the ENP-China project (IrAsia Research Institute) is organizing a one-day international workshop to address, question, and challenge the “Digital Humanities” movement. After almost...


Are you a Digital vs. Traditional Scholar?

This short essay has been inspired by my growing dissatisfaction with, if not irritation towards the commonplace dichotomy “traditional vs. digital” history, and my recent reading of Eun Seo Jo’s  groundbreaking Ph.D thesis proposing...

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