Job openings

Call for Applications

The ENEP-China ERC project is hiring. The initial positions opened at the start of the project include the following:

1. Ph.D positions: Download Description: Doctoral_ERC. New deadline: Closed

All applications are now being reviewed by the selection committee. Before mid-June, the pre-selected candidates will be contacted to set up interviews via videoconferencing. Please check your mailbox.

2. Data scientist position/ CALL FOR APPLICATIONS REMAINS OPEN — Description:  DataScientist_ERC

Do not be shy! We are aware that “data scientist” may appear daunting, that such positions are still quite ill-defined. Yet, if you have skills and experience in computing, good maths background, a knack for large sets of data and for visualization, come and join us! You will be working at the interface of humanities and computing, in collaboration with a group of seasoned computer scientists. If you have questions, just contact us (see below). We look forward to hearing from you.

More positions will be advertised as the project develops. For all questions, please contact Julie Chiang (project coordinator).