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NLP Engineer


The ENP-China research team is looking for a NLP engineer. The ERC ENP-China
( is a “Digital Humanities” research project that aims
to study the mutation of elites in China between the 19th and 20th centuries on
the basis of a large amount of data, especially textual data, in Chinese and
English from this period. The identification of individuals and
organisations/institutions mentioned in the historical texts — especially in
the press — is essential in order to process the volume of available data.
Various models for named entity recognition have already been adapted within our
team and are implemented on our data. However, this approach does not allow the
precise identification of the extracted entities.

The work of the recruited engineer will focus on the development of a named
entity linking system allowing to link named entities found in historical texts
with various knowledge bases: MCDB
(, Wikidata, Baidu Baike…
Furthermore, it will also be necessary to link (with a unique identifier) the
entries in different knowledge bases about the same individuals or
organisations. In addition, other NLP tasks will also be implemented, in
particular in relation to the re-segmentation and/or classification of articles
from the English and Chinese press.

The position:
  • Contract: Full-time CDD of 6 months (can be extended)
  • Start date: As soon as possible
  • Gross salary: €3100 per month
  • Location: Aix-en-Provence

The employer is Protisvalor / Aix-Marseille Université

  • Implement a named entity linking system adapted to our data and knowledge
  • Integrate this system with our existing infrastructure (in collaboration with
    other members of the team).
  • Implement an article segmentation system that matches the historians’ needs and
  • Help and advise the team’s historians in order to solve problems where NLP
    could be a solution.
Qualifications and requirements:
  • Have a master’s degree in NLP or Machine Learning
  • Good skills in Python and good knowledge of commonly used NLP/ML libraries
    (PyTorch and/or Tensorflow, SpaCy, Transformers, …)
  • Good command of Linux is required.
  • Good command of English is required. French and Chinese language skills are
    not required.
  • Ability to organize yourself efficiently and work in a internationally
    oriented team.
Application process:

Send your CV and cover letter to christian.henriot [at] and jeremy.auguste [at]


Postdoc research position in Natural Language Processing

The position has been filled.