Job openings

Call for Applications

The ENEP-China ERC project is hiring. The initial positions opened at the start of the project include the following:

1. Data scientist position/ CALL FOR APPLICATIONS REMAINS OPEN — Description:  DataScientist_ERC

Do not be shy! We are aware that “data scientist” may appear daunting, that such positions are still quite ill-defined. Yet, if you have skills and experience in computing, good maths background, a knack for large sets of data and for visualization, come and join us! You will be working at the interface of humanities and computing, in collaboration with a group of seasoned computer scientists. If you have questions, just contact us (see below). We look forward to hearing from you.

2. Ph.D positions: Download PDF  (CLOSED FOR 2018) — Description: Doctoral_ERC. The next call will open in late January 2019. Stay tune.

3. Postdoc position in computing:  (CLOSED)

4. Postdoc research position (NLP) (CLOSED)

More positions will be advertised as the project develops. For all questions, please contact Numerica Sinica.