Elites, Networks and Power in modern China Blog


China Dissertations in France (5). History

With the present blog post, I begin a review of dissertations on China by discipline.  I do not intend to cover each and every discipline, first because some of them represent too small a...


Two Journals of Chinese Digital History Research

In the past decade, with the spread of concepts and methods related to digital humanities and digital history in China, and the continuous deepening of the historical data digitization movement, more and more Chinese...


My Article on a Chinese Pirate Queen

Huang Bamei and Faina Chiang Fang-liang. Source: Academia Historica, 005-030203-00006, “Jiang Fang-liang zhaopian ziliao jiji” (1949, 4) A few weeks ago, I published an article on the life of Huang Bamei 黃八妹 (1906–1982)— a...



Last week Tuesday February 11, 2020, we were invited to present our current research in the workshop “Networks in East Asia: Methods and Case Studies” at the University of Bristol. It was an opportunity...


Conference: Prof. Elisabeth Kaske

On 7 February 2020, the ENP-China project will receive Prof. Elisabeth Kaske (Leipzig University), a foremost historian of late Qing China in Germany with a broad range of academic interests. She is the author...


New Team Member : David Serfass

The ENP-China project is pleased to announce the inclusion of a new member, David Serfass, associate professor in Chinese and East Asian history at Inalco (Paris) and a member of IFRAE (French Research Institute...


New Team Member: Baptiste Blouin

Baptiste is the successful applicant of the doctoral fellowship that the ENP-China project opened in late spring 2019 in NLP (Natural Language Processing). He is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program doctoral in computing...

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